New range

Cygnus Instruments has unveiled its latest range of surface instruments. The new range of thickness gauges is launched following extensive customer engagement, working within industry standards and following careful / exhaustive design reviews.

What’s new:

Versatile Measuring Modes as Standard with Latest PLUS Models,

Cygnus has now incorporated two additional measuring modes in to their latest range of thickness gauges. Single-Echo and Echo-Echo modes, both using twin crystal probes, can assist in obtaining measurements in areas of extreme corrosion or back wall pitting.

Single-Echo measuring mode - ideal for measuring uncoated surfaces with heavy front face and/or back-wall corrosion and attenuative materials such as cast metals, plastics and composites.

Echo-Echo measuring mode - used for measuring painted metals but with heavy back wall pitting for improved back wall detection.

This new instrument enclosure has allowed Cygnus to achieve the tough American Military Standard MIL SPEC 810G for environmental protection.  These new gauges will survive the harshest operating conditions including drop, vibration, dust and water ingress (IP67) together with low and high temperature cycling.